Gallery Ochre Edinburgh exhibits a large collection of Egg Tempera Paintings from French Artist Michel Viguier. Michel Viguier started his artistic career in Spain during the 50s and most of his works are now in private and public collections all over the world. If you have a Michel Viguier in your private art collection; please visit the collectors page. If you want to invest in Michel Viguier, please contact us we can organise private sells with art collectors and you can also commission paintings or murals from the artist himself. Just email us at

Michel Viguier is a French visiting Artist at Gallery Ochre Edinburgh. He started his career in Spain during the 50's. His paintings are exhibited in  Gallery Ochre Edinburgh.

Michel Viguier, Sailing boat on the Loire river, 2011, egg tempera on canvas, CURRENTLY EXHIBITED IN FRANCE.

 Michel Viguier, Religious scene, egg tempera on canvas, private collection, France

ichel Viguier, Religious scene.                Michel Viguier, Maternity.
     Michel Viguier, Musician.                  Michel Viguier, Shepherd.
     Michel Viguier, Maternity, egg tempera on canvas, private collection, France.
     Michel Viguier, Maternity.                      Michel Viguier, Maternity.
     Michel Viguier, Vahine.                   Michel Viguier, Andaloucia.