Michel Viguier, 1936

French artist, painter and poet Michel Viguier was born in Verneuil-sur-Avre in Normandy. His father was teacher and later director of the famous “Ecole des Roches”. Michel Viguier completed his education in Spain at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, where he studied “a fresco” painting and “egg tempera” technique.  He became a member of the "circulo de bellas artes de Madrid" in 1959. He is the laureate of many awards and distinctions including “prix Bourgeat Paris 1975”.

Michel Viguier, outside his studio in Spain, 1959.

Since the 50s Michel Viguier has painted biblical scenes, maternities, dancers and musicians and also provencal and alpine wildlife and landscapes using egg tempera on canvas. Michel Viguier makes his own egg tempera paints with mineral pigments that he collects in various locations of Languedoc, France. Egg tempera is an early middle age technique and was still used by grand masters during the Italian renaissance; naturally coloured minerals are mixed with egg yolk and applied on a prepared surface which can be wall, wood panel or canvas. As a result, the colours can last thousands of years.

The paintings exhibited in the Gallery Ochre Edinburgh are from private collections. You are welcome to express your interest, we will be delighted to transmit any request to  the artist. You can commission portrait, landscape, wildlife paintings on canvas or frescos using egg tempera from Michel Viguier. Just contact us at info@galleryochre.com